“And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.” – 2

Thessalonians 3:5

I can always tell how much patience I really have when I put Christmas lights on a tree. Several years

ago, I offered to decorate my sister’s beautiful noble fir because she was knee-deep in Christmas baking.

Before I started, I carefully took each strand of lights out of the box, untangling their delicate wires. Then

I plugged in each coil of colored bulbs to make sure they worked before I encircled her tree with them.

I was mildly disappointed when I noticed that the first set I tried had only half of its lights lit. I tossed it

aside and tried another set. Sadly, this one also refused to fully light. In growing frustration I reached for

yet another set of lights only to end up with the same results.

My sister, hearing my groans, came out of the kitchen to see what was causing me such anguish. Her

calm, “Don’t worry, I’ll go buy some new ones in a minute,” did little to soothe my impatient spirit. I

could feel myself growing very frustrated; I had so much to do and I wanted my sister’s tree twinkling

and glowing now, so I could hurry on to something else.

Suddenly, I realized that I could not change the situation, but I could change my attitude with God’s

help. I began to pray, humbly asking the Lord to take away my impatience and give me a patient spirit.

Soon, calm came upon me, and the fact that the Christmas lights were not functioning properly seemed

just a small thing in an otherwise lovely day.

When we are looking for an important paper, are stuck in traffic, or are just trying to get from point

A to point Z, and we feel stress or frustration start to take over, we need to stop what we are doing. We

need to pray and ask the Lord for help and a patient spirit. Patience is very needful to have as a Christian

because it keeps us from unnecessary anger that could lead to sin. When patience resides in our hearts,

frustration melts away and love can grow.

There is an immeasurable portion of patience for anyone who calls upon the Lord. May we let

patience do her perfect work as we decorate our homes and participate in other activities for Christmas

this year, and may this needful Christian virtue be found in abundance within our hearts year round.

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