Back to Bethel

It was a re-awakening,

The unending shouts of victory and deliverance

And the baffled looks on faces as they received

The power, was a great significance of the event

The hustle and bustle of people

Praising God and spilling the beans of his formidable works

Soon retracted as everyone retired to their daily busy lives

Back to the real world,

The first few days were perfect

People still in the spirit,

So overwhelming that we prayed for it to continue

It did continue in our hearts or so it seemed

For how long?

It didn’t last

I reflected;

It didn’t take too long to get cold

Church activities previously my priority

Became events of no special anteriority

Speaking to God during a dedicated hour

Soon became history

“I’m sure God understands I’m busy”, were my daily words

The family altar no longer existed in many homes

And fear became the daily bread of many

My reading table where existed just my bible

Now filled with many random books,

Magazines, DVDs and the bible beneath the rubble

My spare time spent on the computer, surfing the internet,

Facebook precisely

Most of my time spent on me “making ends meet”, I called it

And the flame in my heart quenching by the day

What went wrong?

We all did realise just like the old book stated:

“The love of many will wax cold”

“Yet we still do believe in the Lord” some may say

And now, here I stand in prayer

“Revive us, Oh Lord, pour out your spirit on all flesh

Like the prophesy of Joel.

Fill each heart with hunger for you

And never let us go”

Thus said the Lord: “Back to Bethel”

In Christ

As he did what he did,

That he did which shouldn’t have been done,

Done for my helpless misdeeds

Misdeeds which I couldn’t undo

Left unpaid

Where paid by one who did not do it

In Christ my misdeeds were undone

In Christ my misdeeds have been undone

And still being undone

I flashback at the memories

He loved me even when I despised him

Like all the others did, daily I spit on him

The crown of thorns piercing each tissue

As my un-cleansed lips lisp words unclean,

to mortals just like me,

mortals he loves so much just like me

Daily, I return to that Cross

Where my sins are washed and forgotten

In Christ I am new

In Christ I am great

In Christ a new creature, a Christian

Worldly or Godly

Sitting back, staring curiously at thosemassive screens,

Those on screens, doing their job

And me having fun

The environment all cheerful,

It is a mini display of the Bible‘s Sodom & Gomorrah,

To the world it’s fun but to God it’s sin

Do I sit back or leave?

I love my friends so dearly,

“it is just a time to chill out; just a drink”

Walking into the house of drinks; the pub by name

Placing an order, not sinful or leading to sin

On my way out I see those I’m gradually bringing

along with me through this road of eternity

Do I cause them to derail or do I keep them on this path?

Sitting at home, a big massive sheet of paper,

Looking through different hairstyles, clothes and more

Will it lead me closer to Christ or keep me farther from Christ?

Flipping through hundreds of pages,

The story line so indulging, captivating and mind blowing

Wishing I had such a story

Does it get my heart to think pure or the way of the world?

For everything done, there is a checkpoint

Is it Wordly or Godly?

Song of Victory – the Portion of the Righteous

Song of Victory – the Portion of the Righteous

Sermon By Rev. Emmanuel Adeniran

Student Conference

11 March 2012

Opening verse: Psalm 18:29 – 35
Perhaps you are battle weary, when will there be a rest but there’s victory, don’t give up.
Victory is so near no matter how far it may seem.
We are all comrades with battles to fight everywhere, just as David was surrounded by the flood of the ungodly but let the servants of God be bold.
God doesn’t just give victory, he gives you a profile to be victorious.
The whole bible is a documentary of battles and victory. While David sang the songs of victory, it was hidden in his message the secret of victory.

1 timothy 6 :12,13 if you do not want to lose your testimony, you need to fight to keep your testimony. Kneel inside you if you can’t kneel to pray. In the midst of darkness, you can pray from your heart. When the altar is far wherever you are, God is there and he will give you a testimony of victory.

1 John 5:4 the faith in you redefines the victory | Numbers 13:29,30 |  Children are never sent to battle.  Faith is based on your relationship or profile with God. You cannot dine with the devil and expect to sing the song of victory. Psalm 18:19-24. The first battle to fight is the battle for the re-establishment of righteousness. 1 Samuel 6:30
When you move by fear to a destination, the song of victory will be temporary, we pray for God’s relocation to our destination. Faith finds a way. When you encourage yourself in the Lord, something new will happen.

Leavers Reception 2011 | Recipe for Continuing Success

Today was set aside for members of the Apostolic Faith to celebrate the achievements of the young people in their academics, as well as send off those going to University. The theme of the programme was “Recipe for Continuing Success”. The day started with an ice breaker where Sister Ope had to imitate teachers within the church whilst the congregation had to guess who the teacher was.

The congregation were then given a letter of the alphabet and had to come up with words that contributes to success. This was a good way to get the audience to start thinking of the different ingredients that contribute to success, such as (H)ardwork and (P)rayer. It was a thought provoking exercise that saw adults and youths alike work together to identify words that promote success. The lesson learnt from this exercise remains that success can be achieved by all with God’s help.

Hardwork and prayer contributes to success!

The celebrants were then called up to the stage where special seats had been reserved for them, including a special graduation hat. We then engaged the celebrants in a game that put their retention skills to test. The purpose for this was to give the celebrants an insight into the various ways of learning and retaining knowledge.

The main body of the programme took the form of a panel discussion around the theme “Recipe for Continuing Success”. This was related to cooking a dish. Before you try out a new recipe, you’ll want some idea of what you’re expecting at the end. Cookbooks usually have photographs, so you can see how the finished dish should look. In the same sense, in order to be successful, you need to have an end goal – you need to know where you are going. Once you know what goal you are trying to achieve, you can then begin to think about the ingredients needed to achieve it.

To be successful, you need to know where you are going!

Members of the panel, including the congregation were given the opportunity to share their experiences of the various ingredients that lead to success.  Topics discussed include: ‘Is further education the only means of success?’ ‘How can we choose our friends?’ ‘What Christian activities can we engage in whilst away from home’ ‘What steps can be taken to work towards our final career goal?’ ‘How can we maintain a prosperous spiritual life?’ There was a high level of engagement and interaction throughout this session and the advice and counseling given were of great benefit to all.

The celebrants were then presented with gifts and congratulatory handsake by the pastor. The university leavers were given the opportunity to present a leaving song which really blessed the congregation. The program came to a close by Bro Tim admonishing us that God is the main ingredient required for a successful life and we were all encouraged to pray.

God is the main ingredient required for a successful life!

The day concluded with all the youths being invited to have refreshments and fellowship together.