Student Reception 2012




The event began about two hours after the main service. The main service was preceded over by the youths. We were admonished during the sermon to include God in whatever we do especially our choices as young people. The title of the sermon spoke volumes: “Two paths lie before us” by Bro. Loeto Gaogane. The event took place at our Bexley church and saw approximately 20 graduating students from high school to University.

The afternoon of that day held the student reception where the graduates were introduced and made an entrance as the church cheered and gave praises to God for the success of the young people. The church was taken through an activity of Mathematics, Science, Geography, General Knowledge and History quizzes in which prizes were given. The quiz took place with four different groups of ages. The age-group of 40 and above won the entire quiz. It was a very cheerful and uplifting moment.

Each of the graduates were given souvenirs and congratulated on their success. We all gave glory to God at the end of the event and look forward for more this.

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Y4C Peckham10-06-12: Fight of my life

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We had a lively Y4C on Sunday. The theme was “Fight of my life” – things we battle with in our daily lives and how to overcome them.

Here are the most common issues we all face and some tips to overcome them.


 “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”
1 John 4:4,

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Ayolaaaa’s Electric Experience!!


Hey it’s Ayoooooo; and I just want to thank God for saving and sanctifying me on Saturday 5th May at Youth Camp 2012 – Call of Duty:  Get Equipped! This year I didn’t really want to get saved at Youth Camp; this was partially because at the Youth Camp last year I ‘thought’ I got saved so much that I believed it for a while but when I finally realized that I hadn’t been saved my heart became stone cold towards God & it almost felt like I didn’t fear Him or The Rapture anymore.

But at Youth Camp on the Saturday evening after the interactive reach out session with Uncle Banji, I went to the altar. At the altar I was almost forcing myself to pray and cry but this didn’t work & I fell asleep soon after that. After a while I woke up, looked around & left determined not to go back to the Church but whilst me & the girls were chatting in the girls common room, one of the older youths named Hazel came & told me & a few of the other girls to come back to Church & pray. I really didn’t want to but thank God I did.

“His Spirit was running through me and He set everything loose and I was just sitting there shaking and vibrating and then a sudden peace entered my soul.”

When I got back into the Church, I still didn’t feel like praying. I was there kneeling down with my best friends Rhoda & Simone and Joshua O, they were telling me that even if I don’t feel like praying I should just mutter words of that’s what I did and shortly I found myself praying very fervently (I think that’s the word). I was confessing all my sins and laying my life down before God. Then, Simone got saved and I was like Oh Wow! Why hasn’t my salvation come and I started to give up a little bit but I thank God for the people around me because they helped me to continue praying and then it got serious, I was telling God that it wasn’t fair and that He has to do it for me and then suddenly, His Spirit was running through me and He set everything loose and I was just sitting there shaking and vibrating and then a sudden peace entered my soul. Then I slowly opened my eyes and I saw bare* people just staring at me I then closed my eyes and got up and yeaaah that how God saved me.

The next night God visited me and sanctified me.

I just want to thank God for Youth Camp and for his Grace that has kept me until now, I just want y’all to pray that he keeps me forever.

*a number of

Ayo, year ten in secondary school, budding social entreprenuer!

Youth Camp 2012

About 122 delegates comprising of mostly youths held their annual youth camp at a beautiful Christian centre around a Lakeside at Linchfield, Staffordshire from 4th to 7th May. The theme of the youth camp was ‘Call of Duty: Get Equipped’. After a cut down overnight rest, all youth camp delegates went through a morning drill and were afterwards re-grouped into six battalions. Each battalion were given a task and came up with solutions relating to biblical standards. The Saturday morning activity ended with amazing ideas which ranged from short plays to cardboard descriptions. The afternoon of that same day was a time of relaxation through games of Absailing and the likes; all in preparation for the battle of life. The evening of 5th May was spectacular, a time of soul searching and burden bearing as people walked up to a paper-made cross, sticking up their handwritten problems and leaving it on the cross for Jesus to bear. That evening, at least 4 people were Saved, 2 Sanctified and 1 Baptised with the Holy Ghost

The blessings continued through the following day – 6th May. The morning sermon of that Sunday focused on the theme of the Youth Camp. Before the sermon, the power of God was felt especially when the Youth Choir (VOH) gave a rendition of ‘Our God Reigns’. Bro. Seun Ogunleye preached that morning. In his sermon he rallied all youth to the call of duty and to be properly equipped for the Christian battle ahead. It was soul searching and heartfelt, and there was a wonderful altar service following. The evening service was also spirit filled. VOH encouraged all as they gave a powerful rendition “God said you’re gonna make it”. The sermon was given by the youth leader, Sis. Olos Irenoa and titled “You’re gonna make it!” Indeed, a lot of youths surely broke their way through to various Christian experiences as God blessed the altar service greatly that evening.

After watching a power packed DVD of John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress, delegates returned to their various cities equipped and with testimonies to share. The happy smiling faces of the young people told the story of the Youth Camp. We are most grateful to God.

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