Yes! London needs Rejuvenation


We love London. It our pride, our home. It is full of heritage, culture, the old and the new, diversity, intelligence, stunning architecture and individuality. But it lacks one major factor, spiritual revival.

But from the gated communities of Belgravia, North of the Thames to the council estates of Woolwich, there are thousands of hurt minds, emotionally low people, frustrated individuals, lonely people, lost souls.

Our London need a spiritual and emotional rejuvenation. London needs richness, spiritual richness. London needs a revival. Imagine walking down the street and saying God Bless You to everyone without anyone turning an eye in bewilderment? Imagine everyone smiling from the inside? Imagine being able to open your door freely without the thought of theft?

How could a beautiful city lack its very heart and soul? Look at all those beautiful churches, everywhere. Some, half full. Yet, nightclubs and bars are over reaming with people, seeking things which give temporary happiness. Our churches offer more than happiness, but everlasting joy and teach salvation which gives eternal peace!

We all need to pray for hearts in London to be open to hear the Gospel this year. All evangelism (which is an overflow for our love for Jesus Christ) will be effective, winning some, if not all souls. Yours and my prayer can pass through boroughs to postcodes, underground to overground, down the escalators to bus 453, the shard to community centres, LSE to London School of theology, MacDonalds to Nandoes to Claridges, HSBC to Coutts, glass doors to ceilings. It equips those already lighting their corner and it prepares hearts to open God’s loving voice.

Lets see that December 2013, God willing, London is experiencing sustained revival.