“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” – John 12:32

Early last spring, I transplanted a large peony from the side of our house to a flowerbed in our backyard. After a few days, I realized I had planted it in such a way that all of the leaves were facing away from the yard—when we walked outside, all we could see was the backs of its leaves. I tried to rearrange the stems so they faced the other direction, but my efforts were futile and I finally gave up. However, in a few weeks I noticed that all of the peony stems were facing the yard. The sun had drawn them toward itself.

As I thought about my peony bush, I was reminded that man, in his unregenerate state, is turned away from God. He needs to be turned around, and the only One in the universe who has the power to do that is the Sun of righteousness, Jesus.

Sin is what separates man from God, but by dying on the Cross, Jesus became our remedy for sin. His death can free souls from sin in three ways: He offers forgiveness for sin, which is deliverance from the penalty of sin; He sanctifies us to live holy lives, which is deliverance from the power of sin; and ultimately He will glorify us, which is deliverance from the very presence of sin. Because Jesus can liberate in these ways, souls are instinctively drawn to Him.

Jesus not only offers deliverance from sin, but He has also given us the ultimate example as to how we should live among men here below. When we study the life of the Son of God, we begin to realize the great sacrifice He made to come to earth. The life He lived, the death He experienced, and His resurrection fills us with wonder, love, and praise. As we lift up Jesus to others and tell them who He is, His magnetic personality will draw them. When they open their hearts and lives to the Son of God, they will find that something happens: their lives will be turned around.

Father in Heaven, Thank You for Jesus, Your own dear Son. Thank You for His magnetic personality, which draws men because of His redemptive power, His sustaining graces, and His hope of eternal life. Amen.

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