“They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” – Jeremiah 6:14

When I first heard the phrase, “measured success,” it seemed like an oxymoron. Success means “accomplishing a purpose,” so anything short of accomplishment is simply not success. This contradiction seemed especially obvious when someone said we had “measured success” in fixing a leak in the church roof. We contained the leak in the ceiling by catching the water in a plastic container and pumping it away to a catch-basin with a condensation pump. However, the leak was still there.

A few months later, we uncovered an area of the roof where someone had inadvertently put a nail through the roofing membrane, and then covered it over with a layer of roofing. Once we fixed that problem, we no longer had “measured success,” but real success through resolution of the problem.

In the context of our focus verse, the Lord was angry with some Israelites who had tried to pacify others with gentle words, ignoring the fact that the nation was full of sin and God’s wrath was imminent. The guilty Israelites wanted to cover up their problems rather than resolve them—settling for what seemed to be measured success, but was really no success at all.

In our spiritual lives, we must understand that being a Christian is more than just saying, “I’m a Christian.” Declaring the Name of Christ is empty unless we also display His character, and that is only possible if we have had a real experience of salvation which has resolved our debt of sin.

After we are saved, at times the Lord will teach and correct us in our walks with Him. Learning those lessons can be difficult, but we know that the Lord chastens us because He loves us (Hebrews 12:6). When He corrects us, it is critical that we listen to His reproof and obey His directions. Ignoring His call or making excuses may look like success from the outside, but it will ultimately cause us to lose our salvation.

We can avoid the mistake the Israelites made. If God is speaking to our hearts about something that needs to be corrected, let’s not settle for “measured success,” which is really no success at all. God can resolve the issue completely and give us real success!

Lord, I know You are the God of peace, and that because I am justified by faith, I have peace with You. As I trust You more and more, may the peace which passeth all understanding keep my heart and mind through Christ Jesus.

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