Paintballing painted my life

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The wintry shivers went down my spine as my plimsolls covered feet trudged excitedly in the mud.

All excitement wore off when deep in the mud, I plunged, struggled to stand, slipped and finally fell.

However the excitement steamed up like water at it’s boiling point. Blood pumped through my veins to my head and my hands on fire to shoot. Just when I thought I had a good aim, I was knocked down by a fellow team mate. Down in the mud, I laid, funny it seemed but not to me. I was breathless after couple of runs and finally the game was up.

It was another struggle to get out of the zone with so much mud in my feet. I was excited to get a breather, my helmet was so unclear due to my breath, however, I was sad to leave the game.

Then it popped in my head, do many lessons, I couldn’t share just talking to friends. My fingers had to do the talking here and I am sure you would learn some more from this.

The Excitement

The excitement can relate to how we get excited spiritually. At the point of salvation our blood is pumping and we just want to get out and tell it to everyone yet we are not fully grounded and unprepared.

In another sense, we can get excited when we see people in sin, we think the grass is greener on the other side, we think it’s fun till we get out there deep into sin and in the mud. We are unprepared for what the devil throws at us and in that instant, we get more and more in trouble with God. Salvation then seems like a gold-mine only achievable by the spiritually rich.

The Mud

It started shallow as we waded through it, still we were determined to get through with the excitement steaming in us. We didn’t care at that point, but it got deeper and more difficult to tramp. That did not cease the game.

Do I hear DETERMINATION screaming at me?

I heard my inner me saying “Ignore your muddy shoes, just go for it and have fun. You can do it!

I want you to say it to you “I can do it!” No matter that difficult task, keep pushing through and you’ll make it because God said: YOU are going to make it!

You may have walked in the shallow areas of sin and now you ate down there in Satan’s grip. I say to you “Look to Jesus Christdon’t stop firing that gun of prayer, keep at it, salvation is on its way. Don’t go deeper in sin, you can still find your path back to Christ even in the mud because you really don’t have to walk back that way, all you just do is CALL for help and he will come to you.

Are you that Christian, got saved or sanctified or filled with the Holy Ghost but you are still a babe in Christ?
It will surely get deeper and difficult but let me get you excited and with this mindset, strive to GROW in GRACE:
The goal is HEAVEN, your reward is up there. You don’t deserve a life of torment in hell. YOU can make IT!

Don’t give up even when life throws more dirt at you and when it may become cloudy, so unclear just like my helmet. Even when you fall like I did, pushed in the mud of life with the words of Christian brothers or sisters (our team mates), don’t despair. Don’t relax in the mud, don’t quit like I did in the game of paintballing. Get back up and fight harder. Keep firing on as a Christian soldier.



This is based on the First ME programme that took place on Saturday 1st February 2014 at Orpington – Delta Force Paintballing 
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