Singles’ Conference 2014 – the report

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15th February 2014

 We thank God almighty for the success of the second singles’ conference, which took place at our Birmingham Branch.  Singles from all our different branches came together.  Some came from as far as Aberdeen, some from Manchester, London and Birmingham. We had in attendance a total of about 45 singles present as well as their branch ministers.


The main aim of the conference was for the spinsters and bachelors to talk about current issues facing us and to share with each other strategies in overcoming the various challenges that they are facing. Also the church’s aim is to encourage the singles, and to let us know that church is praying for us and also the processes that the ministries goes through with those who are engaged to be married.

The day started with an introduction from Rev Adigun, he outlined the structure of the day.  The singles were then asked to introduce themselves to at least two people that they have not met.  (They were asked to find out one important thing about this individual).



We watched two short clips; the first was titled “Don’t waste your Singleness” this focused on encourage the single, to make good use of this time to be all they can be for God. They should put His service as a major priority, until the time when God will provide for us the bone of our bones.


The second clip was called “Pursue Her”, the clip sharing some important insight on how single men should seek Godly advice on their pursuit for a wife.  The single ladies too, where advised that they too should keep their hearts and let God be the guide, and trust him to chose and lead them in the right way.



We were split into two groups to discuss our thoughts on the clips, as well as points that were written down.  The discussion sessions were great, God blessed, and it was wonderful to have singles being open and sharing their experiences, their highs and lows; sharing how God has been and is still keeping them.


Before lunch the two groups shared the important points that they gained from their group discussion

Lunch was provided by our brethren in Birmingham, May God Bless them all.

After lunch, Brother Isaac shared with the group some useful hints and information, for couples intending to marry.

Some of the points are as follows.

  1. Finance
  2. Children/Family Planning
  3. Preparation for the unexpected
  4. Culture clashes
  5. Dealing with in-laws
  6. Understanding a man
  7. Understanding a woman

Brother Isaac continued to open a time for question and answer, due to time constraints we could not go through every item. We pray for another opportunity like this to continue this discussion.

We thank God almighty for the success of this day.  It is our prayer that God will keep all our Spinsters and Bachelors, until that appointed time. We pray that God will help them to rely on Him and that they all will wait for His leading and listen when he speaks.


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