The event began about two hours after the main service. The main service was preceded over by the youths. We were admonished during the sermon to include God in whatever we do especially our choices as young people. The title of the sermon spoke volumes: “Two paths lie before us” by Bro. Loeto Gaogane. The event took place at our Bexley church and saw approximately 20 graduating students from high school to University.

The afternoon of that day held the student reception where the graduates were introduced and made an entrance as the church cheered and gave praises to God for the success of the young people. The church was taken through an activity of Mathematics, Science, Geography, General Knowledge and History quizzes in which prizes were given. The quiz took place with four different groups of ages. The age-group of 40 and above won the entire quiz. It was a very cheerful and uplifting moment.

Each of the graduates were given souvenirs and congratulated on their success. We all gave glory to God at the end of the event and look forward for more this.

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