Diary of my first Youth Camp

Friday 4th May
It’s Youth Camp! I’m so excited, I’ve been waiting for this day for so long, and it’s finally here. I bet the place is going to be so glamorous, with shiny bathrooms and plumped pillows. I hope I’ll be in the same room as my best friend Tosin. We went to Morrison’s to get snacks for the coach, but we had to run all the way back because the coach was leaving in six minutes! It was so funny!
Oh, that’s not the only reason why I can’t wait there; I’m bound to receive blessings there. I’m expecting my Baptism of the Holy Ghost by God’s grace!


The coach journey was marvellous! I sat with Tosin and we had so much fun. Unfortunately, I’m not in the same room as Tosin, but I’m with people I know. We just keep talking and talking, but we have to go to sleep now. It’s almost 1:00 in the morning!

Saturday 5th May
It was so exiting today! We had fun creating armour for people in different difficult situations and we found solutions for them. Then it was time for Sports. I had signed up for abseiling. It was so scary!  When we were doing zip-wiring, I was so scared to jump off the edge. When I did, it was like I lost all gravity and was flying. It was such a fantastic moment, although it only lasted a few minutes.


Oh my goodness! The evening service was such a blessing! About eight people got blessed.  I prayed with Tosin today and she got saved! Thank God! My heart is bubbling with joy because she’s finally saved. She said she found it hard because it seemed as if something was blocking her way. I told her “If you ever feel that way, sincerely tell God that you don’t want them in your way. Consecrate yourself to God and just let go”.
If you are in the process of praying for a  blessing, make sure you ask God to take away anything that may be blocking your way. It may be pride, doubt, unforgiveness, or anything that is in you that you are holding on to. Just let it all go.

Monday 7th May
I couldn’t write anything yesterday because I slept so late. I slept late yesterday because it was the best night of Youth Camp. Yesterday I lost many things, but I found them. I lost my glasses and my sister’s phone, but I found them. Best of all, I had lost my Salvation and sanctification because of doubt, but God miraculously saved and sanctified me. Oh my, it was an indescribable experience. Now that I am back home, I can’t help but smile at how merciful God was to come down and bless me. Tosin got sanctified too.
Here’s a word of advice. Never let the devil make you question your salvation. He used this method to cheat people of their blessings; I’m talking from experience! Ask God to equip you with the right armour and you will never fall for the devil’s tricks, by the Grace of God.
As well as my first Youth Camp, it will also be the most memorable Youth Camp.


Aanu Sodipe 

Y4C Peckham10-06-12: Fight of my life

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We had a lively Y4C on Sunday. The theme was “Fight of my life” – things we battle with in our daily lives and how to overcome them.

Here are the most common issues we all face and some tips to overcome them.


 “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”
1 John 4:4,

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Love Me | Prologue

Grace had brought home her result booklet with a smile on her face. She had finally done better than before and her grade this year was an outstanding achievement although she still wasn’t the best in her year, she was proud of herself.
Mr Edward Chima, Grace’s father took a second look at the grades, grimacing. Grace didn’t know what she’d done wrong. She had put in her best.

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Teju Got Saved!

I thank God for His grace and love upon me. In 1996, I wanted to enlist to become a member of the choir, however I couldn’t because then I was a sinner.  Although, people think I was a quiet and gentle girl, however I knew within me I wasn’t. I stole and lied to my mum before I got saved. I thanked God because He’s a loving father and he accepts anyone who comes before Him honestly. 

One evening service, I told God on my knees that if only He would save me I won’t go back to sin and I would serve Him onwards. I pressed further He sanctified me, however getting the Infilling of the Holy Ghost took a while. But I thank God for His mercies in my life. That same year, I went for Camp meeting in Anthony, Lagos, in the basement of the tabernacle during night prayers,  I prayed earnestly and God did it, I was filled with the Holy Ghost.
God heard my prayers and heart desires and granted me peace which until now I still enjoy, and there has never been a day I regretted to be a child of God. I pray He continues to uphold and sustain me till I see Him.
All praise and honour be to His Holy name.
Teju , A student and a youth worker. She plays the flute.

Ayolaaaa’s Electric Experience!!


Hey it’s Ayoooooo; and I just want to thank God for saving and sanctifying me on Saturday 5th May at Youth Camp 2012 – Call of Duty:  Get Equipped! This year I didn’t really want to get saved at Youth Camp; this was partially because at the Youth Camp last year I ‘thought’ I got saved so much that I believed it for a while but when I finally realized that I hadn’t been saved my heart became stone cold towards God & it almost felt like I didn’t fear Him or The Rapture anymore.

But at Youth Camp on the Saturday evening after the interactive reach out session with Uncle Banji, I went to the altar. At the altar I was almost forcing myself to pray and cry but this didn’t work & I fell asleep soon after that. After a while I woke up, looked around & left determined not to go back to the Church but whilst me & the girls were chatting in the girls common room, one of the older youths named Hazel came & told me & a few of the other girls to come back to Church & pray. I really didn’t want to but thank God I did.

“His Spirit was running through me and He set everything loose and I was just sitting there shaking and vibrating and then a sudden peace entered my soul.”

When I got back into the Church, I still didn’t feel like praying. I was there kneeling down with my best friends Rhoda & Simone and Joshua O, they were telling me that even if I don’t feel like praying I should just mutter words of that’s what I did and shortly I found myself praying very fervently (I think that’s the word). I was confessing all my sins and laying my life down before God. Then, Simone got saved and I was like Oh Wow! Why hasn’t my salvation come and I started to give up a little bit but I thank God for the people around me because they helped me to continue praying and then it got serious, I was telling God that it wasn’t fair and that He has to do it for me and then suddenly, His Spirit was running through me and He set everything loose and I was just sitting there shaking and vibrating and then a sudden peace entered my soul. Then I slowly opened my eyes and I saw bare* people just staring at me I then closed my eyes and got up and yeaaah that how God saved me.

The next night God visited me and sanctified me.

I just want to thank God for Youth Camp and for his Grace that has kept me until now, I just want y’all to pray that he keeps me forever.

*a number of

Ayo, year ten in secondary school, budding social entreprenuer!

Is Procrastination Your Weapon Of Choice?

Enemies weapon of choice – procrastination

A close friend of one of my close friends was killed in the Dana Air plane crash. She had just finished her masters and was doing her youth service in Nigeria. She was only 22. I doubt that it ever crossed her mind that she would be going to meet the Lord so soon.

As a young person my biggest problem is procrastination. I often feel like I will have time ‘later on’ to get even closer to God, or to forgive someone who hurt me, or to start my business and chase my dreams.

But who said that my tomorrow is promised? It is by grace alone that every day we wake up to a new day. We are not invincible. I always used to think that if anything was to happen to me I would be able to pull some Matrix move and dodge bullets or somehow become a Kung Fu expert if someone tried to attack me!! But of course that wouldn’t be the case!!

Let’s not waste our youth away by falling for the enemies weapon of choice – procrastination.

Forgive those who have hurt you now. Cherish those who love you and show them that you love them back, now. Chase after your dreams and don’t allow the fear of failure stop you from running after them, now. Love the Lord with all your heart, and never let Him go. Don’t wait for a tomorrow or next week that may never come.

Ecclesiastes 12:1 (KJV)

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh , when thou shalt say , I have no pleasure in them

Written by Susan N,  She loves Baking and everything  DIY.   

Remember Me

Youth drama at the 2011 Camp Meeting of Thy people shall be delivered. It captured families and individuals going through moments of depression, loss, in need of forgiveness, in need of deliverance and many more not excluding marriages.

Whiter than Snow – 8 June

“Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” – Psalm 51:7

Years ago, when distressed by my choice of words, one of my aunts inserted a piece of soap into my mouth and proceeded to vigorously scrub my offending tongue. Of course, modern thought may say that the soap treatment is not the way to correct a child for bad language; but for me at least, it did not stunt my growth, cause me to fail in school, or limit my lifespan. The experience did teach me to be more careful with my speech, but my aunt’s actions did not rid my heart of all the bad words. The soap had limited cleansing power.

A few years later, as a teenager, I prayed the Psalmist’s prayer from our focus verse and learned what true washing is. God washed my heart and my life in the precious Blood of Jesus. He cleaned up my speech in a moment of time, and since then, I have never had a slip of the tongue in profanity. His cleansing power removed even the darkest stains of sin, and made me whiter than snow.

Have you ever wondered how something could be whiter than snow? Was David asking the impossible of God? Had David understood the structure of a snow crystal, he would have known he was perfectly correct in his request. Snow crystals are formed in the clouds when water vapor freezes on a particle of dust, bacteria, or some other solid material. Though not visible to the human eye, each snow crystal contains a microscopic impurity at its core. Thus, the Psalmist’s request was to be cleansed beyond the possibility of any trace of sin remaining in him. Yes, even purer and whiter than snow!

The Psalmist penned these words long before anyone knew the structure of snow, yet God, through the Holy Spirit, inspired this prayer to be written beyond the understanding of man. Today, we know that he was correct in his prayer, and if we are saved, we have firsthand knowledge that an experience with God leaves no residue of sin at the core of one’s life. Some may try to mimic His cleansing work with the soap treatment and other methods of correction, but only God can wash a heart whiter than snow. May we never forget to appreciate and thank God for the miracle He performed when He washed us in Jesus’ Blood!

No Coincidence – 7 June

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” – Romans 8:14

As a child, for several years I lived in a small town that has a river running through it, separating a park from the main part of town. One day, I had been at the park with some of my family and wandered too close to the river’s edge. Being young, I was not aware of the dangerous position I was in. I fell into the river and started floating downstream. Thankfully, one of my brothers was standing nearby and was able to reach into the river and pull me out by my hair, narrowly averting a tragedy.

Why was I rescued that day? And how close did I come to losing my life? Someone hearing about this event might assume I was rescued by chance, but I know this happy ending was not a coincidence. The reason I was saved was because God put my brother close by at the exact moment I would need him, and also gave him the presence of mind to do what needed to be done to rescue me.

When we serve God, He orchestrates our lives in such a way that He can work out His will for each of us. That does not mean He will always save us from tragedy, but we know that tragedy will not happen unless the Lord allows it—unless there is a reason for it. In my case, there was a reason that God wanted me to live, so He intervened in the situation and protected me. We do not have to worry about random accidents in life, because there are no random accidents with God. He knows when we need help, and as the years have come and gone, I have discovered that His timing is always perfect.

As we go through life with the Lord, He will want us to lend a helping hand to other individuals along the way. It is so important that we let Him show us where He wants us to be! He may want us to encourage, aid, perhaps even rescue others, right when they need it. In order to know when, where, and how God wants to use us, we must be following Him in all things and walking in the Spirit. When we are in the center of God’s will, He will make sure we are in the right places at just the right times. He sees the big picture!