I give thanks to God for the love He showed me since I was born.

I had the great privilege to be brought up in a Christian family. My mother particularly, was a strong help for my spiritual growth. So my knowledge of God increased in this environment. Thanks to the Bible I was discovering step by step along with the personal stories of my mother, I started to understand how good it is to be a Christian. In my teenage, my understanding of the real nature of the Christian was brightened.

I made up my mind: I wanted to be obedient and pleasing to God.

My faith had grown and I desired God’s personal approval. At that time, I learnt how important it is to have personal experiences with God and to be saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. My search started then and in my prayers I asked God for this salvation. Deep in my heart, I was wondering how I could be sure of being saved and I wanted to hear God’s voice with my ears. While wondering I waited my entire teenage years. Meanwhile, I tried my best to be a real Christian, but at that time, I began to discover the temptations of sensual pleasures. I started swinging between two worlds, following my friends. Yet, I thank God for His Spirit Who warned me at the right times and brought about circumstances to prevent me from drifting too far. Anyway, by the end of high school, as I was neglecting to pray earnestly for my salvation, God made a way at last to help me overcome sin. He led me to true repentance, forsaking bad desires and deeds. I endeavoured in honesty but I didn’t hear the sweet voice of God. God had saved me but I didn’t want to believe it.

I’m thankful to God that He finally helped me understand that Salvation is by faith.

Some months later, He showed me His favor when I was up against a problem and I heard His Spirit whispering to my mind, “do you think I would deliver you if you weren’t my child?” It encouraged me and my joy was absolute a year later when God renewed His encouragement. Through the Bible, He spoke personally to me, “Come back to me for I have redeemed you!”

Since that day, I experienced the Love of a Father for his child and I can say, “It’s simply wonderful”. God is my all in all. I continue to grow spiritually, my life is in His hands and I live in peace with no condemnation in mind.

I encourage everyone to receive Jesus as their personal Saviour, for He takes control of everything if we just obey.

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