“This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true.” – John 21:24

After being called several times for possible jury duty, my short legal career ended with one relatively minor but real trial. One memory stands out from that trial. As a certain witness was quizzed concerning an important point, he used the words, “I think.” Immediately the judge stopped everything and bawled out this witness. “I don’t care what you ‘think’; I want to know only what you are sure of.” While sympathizing with the witness in his embarrassment, I understood what the judge was getting at. Unless you are sure of something, it is not suitable to be included as evidence.

A number of years ago, I found myself in much the same place as this witness. I was a regular church attendee and even had certain responsibilities within the church. Yet, if you would have questioned me closely, you would have found out that I was not really sure of where I stood with God. I felt guilty about certain areas of my life, but I allowed this uncertainty to drag on for a period of time.

Finally, one Saturday I decided within myself that I could not allow this to continue any longer. The next morning at church, I asked others to pray for me, and I sought God for a definite, know-so experience. As I continued in prayer for several minutes, all at once I felt a settled peace in my heart. At last I could say, “Yes, now I know for sure that I am right with God.”

People will not be convinced by a testimony that says, “I think God is real.” As the Apostle John did in today’s focus verse, we must tell others that we know His testimony is true. More importantly, we need to have that knowledge for ourselves, and we can if we will seek God honestly for it.

Years have passed since I prayed through about where I stood with God, and He has given me Christian victory from that time to this. I would not trade this assurance for anything. I have found by experience that God can let you know for sure that you are right with Him.

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