“And his heart was moved, and the heart of his people, as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind.” – Isaiah 7:2

Night was closing in on the city, and the sky was turning slowly into a black mosaic. The fir trees—just shadows through the large window of the library where I was sitting—revealed the strength of the wind as their branches bounced back and forth under nature’s power. A strong storm was moving in, and I decided it was time to gather my books and head for home.

I opened the tall glass doors of the library to the whirling storm outside. The wind ripped at my coat and whipped my hair across my face. Just getting to my car was a challenge, as branches and litter flew in front of me. It was not a hurricane, just a fierce windstorm, but I still remember the power it packed.

The wind is able to move and uproot objects of considerable size. A power capable of great destruction, it is a marvelous force of nature created by God. He can use the wind to move objects that we believed were unmovable.

Considering the focus verse, have you ever tried to move someone’s heart into a different way of thinking, the same way the wind moves tree branches? Maybe a friend was doing something spiritually destructive, and you wanted him to change his mind. You may have discovered that words alone do not have much effect on changing a heart. However, we serve a God who can move anything. He controls the tiniest speck of sand and the largest rock in the world. The One who made the wind’s power also has the power to move the hardest heart or change difficult situations. He can take a heart that seems to be encased in granite and make it pliable and receptive. He has power to move sin out of an unsaved life, and replace it with peace and joy.

When things need to be rearranged in our lives or in the life of another, instead of trying to move them in our own strength, we can call upon the Lord and ask Him to undertake. His moving service is the top of the line and available any place in the world where a heart cries out to Him. His wondrous power moves the wind, and hearts too.

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