You and ME | True Love Never Dies

Held on the 18th February 2012

At Apostolic Faith Mission Bexley Hall


Organised by Apostolic Faith UK Youths


Event Rationale

The nature of many families in this environment spurred the Youths to organise a dinner to re-ignite the flame of love among our couples. And with the Valentine’s Day, we thought to show our love an appreciation to our parents by organising this love-filled event.

Event Structure

  • A mock-tail of special drinks started the event
  • Couples were made to hold their spouse while entering the hall
  • Husbands were given flowers which were presented to their wives; raffle tickets were presented to each couple
  • Couples had photo booth sessions
  • Games kicked off after the opening prayer was offered by an attendee
    • Who is my Spouse? – The couples worked together to fill in the sheet given to them. Time 3 – 4mins. The questions were bible couples.
    • How well do I know my Spouse? – Two random table numbers were picked and a spouse from each couple was asked to leave the hall. The others left were asked questions about their spouse.
    • Who Rules? – Blind fold selected couples. They were given 2-battens, 1-blue, 1-red. Questions were asked and they had to think which one of them it applied too.
    • They had a delicious meal of special rice dishes. It was a three course meal
    • After dinner, they were made to hold hands and look at each other for two minutes to remind them of intimate moments that could be shared
    • The five love languages was shared
    • Biblical verses shared were Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Ephesians 5:21-23, 25, 28, John 15:9-11
    • A short video of the young people wishing their parents a Happy valentine’s day was played; the smiles on their faces told the story of their hearts
    • Gifts were given from us to the couples and two Couples won the raffle; they were given very special gifts with the five love languages book included.
    • It ended with Prayer and appreciation from the Pastor, Rev. Isaac Adigun and many more thank yous from couples to the young people



We are most grateful to God for such a great turn up and success of the program. We look forward to better days and also to our future homes.

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