Youth Camp 2013

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The 2013 Youth Camp tagged U.S.B which took place at the Pioneer Christian Centre, Kidderminster was a very exciting time for all the delegates who came from all over the UK, Nigeria and Chicago. As delegates arrived the centre on Friday 3rd May, they were asked to guess what they thought U.S.B. means. Responses ranged from “Unprecedented Salvation Box” to “Unsaved Sinners Believe”, “Unveiling Sin’s Bondage” among others. As many of the delegates wondered what U.S.B. meant, the Youth Camp delegates’ pack which had the meaning of U.S.B. on it was handed out: Undoing Spiritual Bondage! – U.S.B.

Saturday’s session began with a review of the specially designed Youth camp devotional which centred around the U.S.B.theme. The need to ensure that our walk with God is consistent was stressed as the example was present about the children of Israel, who instead of the 11 days spent 40 years in the wilderness before they got to the promised land. Clips of celebrities who had various bondages in their lives were also to give a vivid picture of how spiritual bondages start very small and then blow up into being addictions. Other activities included creative sessions where the delegates had to express using pictures what bondage means. There were also short plays by the various groups which the delegates were split into. The sports session also emphasised the need for physical work-out while reiterating that being spiritually free means: first accepting you are in need of help.

Pictures coming soon. Watch the videos here

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